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Us Lab, a Complete Range of Stain Remover Solutions for Multi Solvents Dry Cleaning

Stain removers and pre-brushing formulated from agro-sourced raw materials, carefully selected for their lower impact on the environment, users and fibers.

Pre Brossant UsLab

PréBro lab

PREBRO LAB is an agent for pre-brushing with a brush, greasy and thin soiling before dry cleaning in multi-solvent and perchlorethylene machine

UsLab P1

Stain remover P1

Professional P1 stain remover agent specific for synthetic stains (synthetic oils and greases, polishes, tar, foundation, make-up, paints, inks …

UsLab P2

Stain remover P2

Professional P2 stain remover agent specific for food stains (dietary fat, proteins, sauces, albumin, deposits of organic origin: perspiration, vomiting, urine, faeces …

UsLab P3

Stain remover P3

Professional P3 stain remover specific for tannic stains (coffee, tea, fruit juice, alcohols, natural pigments, curry, cumin, curcumin …

All our products are available in 1 L - 5 L - 10 L - 20 L

For the sake of constant quality and follow-up
all our products are made in France.