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Us Lab, a Complete Range of Stain Remover Solutions for Wet Cleaning

Cytex UsLab


CYTEX + is the result of the latest technology in the field of surfactants and emulsifiers, the raw materials that compose it work as well in hot water as in cold water.

UsLab Lubri


LUBRI + Wet Pre-Stain Remover is specially formulated for all laundry applications. Removes oil, grease, makeup, and other mineral stains.

UsLab Enzyme 1L


ENZYMES + is specially formulated for all laundry applications. ENZYMES + enzymatic pre-spotting liquid has a strong stain removal power. Removes oil, grease, makeup, and other tough stains

UsLab Tanin


TANIN + is a special blend of suspending agents, emulsifiers, anti-redeposition agents, water conditioners, and brighteners. TANIN + will deliver a clean cloth when used to remove stains from tea, coffee, wine, …

Cytex Dejaunisseur


LE DEJAUNISSEUR is an innovative product in the sense that it allows the professional to offer a service that does not yet exist, guaranteeing the customer a preservation or regeneration of his clothes over the long term.

UsLab Lubri

Ink Remove®

INK REMOVE + is specially designed for all laundry applications.
INK REMOVE + is a liquid pre-stain remover that removes ball point pen, marker stains, indelible ink and pencil stains.

UsLab Anti Rouille


ANTI-RUST is a very active product to remove traces of rust or iron on fabrics. ANTI-RUST can also be effective on yellow stains caused by the iron.

UsLab Anti-Gras


ANTI GRAS is a liquid for pre-stain removal in aqua cleaning and in the laundry room which has a strong stain removal power for the removal of oily, stubborn or difficult greasy stains.

Pre Brossant UsLab

Anti Incendie®

ANTI FIRE is a specific detergent for the treatment of textiles after fire. It leaves a pleasant atmosphere of freshness after treatment.

UsLab P1


ANTI WAX is specially formulated for all artisanal and industrial applications concerning the treatment of waxes from colored candles and color residues in aqueous media (Aqua cleaning and laundry)

UsLab P2


DEGRAISS’TOUT is a ready-to-use pre-brushing and stain remover. It is used in wet cleaning (aqua cleaning) and in laundry to locally pre-brush dirt as well as for pre-stain removal.

UsLab Boom


BOOM ensures a complete disappearance of the yellowish deposit encrusted and supposed to be indelible.
BOOM allows, thanks to a regular treatment, the preservation of articles on all fibers, even the most fragile such as silk.


Remove 100®

Concentrated cleaner, degreaser, emulsifier intended for multiple applications on substrates resistant to water and light alkalis …

UsLab couleur stop

Couleur Stop®

Anti-bleeding color washing solution specially formulated for all artisanal and industrial applications in the field of textile care …

For the sake of constant quality and follow-up
all our products are made in France.

All our products are available in 1 L - 5 L - 10 L - 20 L