Stain removal solutions
in Roll'On format
Roll-on applicator

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When traveling, at the office, at home, with children, US Lab® ballpoint stain removers are a great help in all circumstances. Thanks to the roll-on applicator, the active substances are gently applied to the textile for maximum penetration and effectiveness.

Cytex UsLab


For sweat stains, urine, vomit, fatty food sauces…

UsLab Lubri


Foundation - Makeup - Ballpoint Pen - Tar - Oil…

UsLab Enzyme 1L


For stains from red fruits, wine, coffee, tea, juices, colas, alcoholic beverages, spices and spicy dishes…

Cytex Dejaunisseur


Ensures a complete disappearance of the yellowish deposit at the level of the armpits, strongly encrusted…

UsLab Lubri


For ink stains, markers, indelible inks, pencils...

UsLab Anti Rouille


For rust stains or for yellow stains caused by iron to redo…

For the sake of constant quality and follow-up all our products are made in France.