US LAB customizes formulas to meet your needs

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Tailor-made formulas

We can offer our customers assistance with a specific formulation. We are continually developing new formulations in our lab and can manufacture a product to solve a specific cleaning problem.
We encourage our customers to work with our staff to achieve the performance, appearance, smell that meets the needs of their users. Our production centers provide a wide range of packaging that will allow you to meet all your needs.

We share the same desire as our customers: to create and manufacture a truly superior product that meets and exceeds your expectations.

UsLab Etiquette

Custom labels

Labels are meant to differentiate your product from those of your competition, and the appearance of your packaging is an integral part of your business. Good label design is essential.
Business or consumer customers may switch to other products if they cannot identify your brand.

Maybe you want a generic design? Your products can also have a unique look that sets you apart from your competition. We can help you with the design or you can provide the design to us. Our flexibility is total.